Be Water With Water Underground

Restart Solar isn’t just in the business of solar power. We’re in the business of saving this planet by any means, whether it’s installing solar panels on as many houses as we can, getting involved in the fight against fracking, or something as simple as ensuring women and children have access to clean water.

Tuesday night, Water Underground, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving the people of Mozambique access to clean water, officially launched with a night of art, music, film and philanthropy. The event was a huge success at raising both money and awareness about the issues plaguing the water supply of the developing world. Our very own Creative Director, Bobby Alderman, produced a piece of artwork at the event with his art collective, Dethkills, who’s proceeds will go to the charity.

Here in the US, we take a lot of things for granted, clean water being one of them. But for many people around the world, turning on a faucet for a glass of water to drink isn’t a reality. Having access to clean drinking water obviously impacts health, but it also affects education and saves time. 80% of all disease in the developing world stems from unsanitary drinking water, because the most common sources are stagnant ponds of pooled water typically shared by livestock that defecate in or around it. Getting water is extremely time consuming. On average, women and children spend 5–6 hours a day walking just to get drinkable water. Since getting water is a priority for the family, children end up missing a lot of school. The travel time also makes it very difficult for most women to work and escape the poverty they’re in.

You can join Water Underground and Restart Solar in a cause dedicated to ending poverty, oppression and the spread of disease in the developing world by donating today. The great part is 100% of public donations go directly to water projects, which work to end this struggle at the source. If you wish to donate or simply find out more about what Water Underground does, go to