Solar Showroom Grand Opening

After steady planning and vigorous work the night had finally rolled around for our grand opening of the Atwater village showroom. It was elating to see our friends, our families, and our neighborhood come together to celebrate a space where change can begin. The love, the laughter, the curiosity, and the conversation that filled the room set the tone for what we want this space to bring to our community. Our Photo booth gave everyone a chance to share what solar power means to them and we hope to keep this conversation going.

The effervescent excitement that traveled through the air gave us hope that the smiles on every kids face that evening will last their lifetime. We were thrilled to see everyone as happy and excited as we are and cannot thank everyone enough who came out to support. It was a night to be remembered and a peak at a future we hope to expect.

Oh! Forgot to mention the free tacos…..thanks Tacos Villa Corona!