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The Solar Story

In the last two centuries, we started using Sun’s energy directly to make electricity. Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric current when exposed to light.

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The Restart Story

Everybody that can have Solar should have Solar and our goal is to help make that happen by doing things the right way. We now have a choice- continue to pay more for dirty energy or decide to pay less for clean and 100% renewable energy.

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Your Story

If there was no YOU there would be no US. At Restart Solar we want to help you write your story. Making the switch to solar may sound like a difficult one, but it just may be the easiest/best decision you’ll make for a many reasons.

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Solar Panels Canoga park

The positive aspects of modern solar panel technology are many, while the negative aspects and disadvantages are relatively small. While the materials needed to build solar panels require using materials from the Earth, the environmental impact of solar technology is minute in comparison to the wasteful and unsustainable methods of power generation such as nuclear power and burning of fossil fuels.

Modern solar technology is a completely renewable and efficient power source that creates little, if any pollution. From the manufacturing process to its entire service life, the solar panel has the lowest environmental impact of all known methods of generating electricity. Solar panels feature long life spans and they can be recycled into new solar cells once their service life has run its course.

When it comes time and you have made the decision to join the 21st century by ditching energy dependence and reaching energy independence, make the right choice and call the Solar Panel experts at Restart Solar. By reducing your monthly electricity bill amount, or in some cases eliminating it, paying for your new solar panel system is a non-issue. Solar technology pays for itself in utility bill savings rather quickly.

Restart Solar is a complete solar installation solution serving Canoga Park, CA and surrounding areas. Our experienced installers help take the hours of research and guesswork out of not only setting up your new solar system, but also assuring that it is properly positioned to achieve maximum kilowatt hour output. We handle the design and installation for you so there really is no barriers between you and clean, renewable energy for your household or business.

Please feel free to call with any questions that you have about our state of the art solar panel systems. One of our local Canoga Park, CA helpful and experienced consultants can guide you through all of the details of the design and installation process. Don’t hesitate; the path to a new, cleaner planet awaits us all with a little help from you and Restart Solar.

Don’t wait another day to make the leap forward to energy independence and green, environmentally friendly energy generation with Restart Solar.

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