Dear Governor Brown: Stop Fracking California!

If you’re concerned about the future of our state and its residents, join us this Thursday, March 3rd at a special screening of Dear Governor Brown. This eye-opening and provocative film, written and directed by Jon Bowermaster (Dear Governor Cuomo, SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories), shines a light on the unsafe and harmful methods the oil […]


With solar making huge leaps and bounds in 2015, it’s no wonder the solar industry is creating tens of thousands of jobs in the Golden State and heating up the economy. In 2015, California’s solar employment grew 38%, creating over 20,000 new jobs and bringing the total to 75,598 solar jobs according to reports by […]

COP21 – The Most Important Climate Change Meeting The World Has Ever Hosted

Today is the first day of a 2 week long climate change summit taking place in Paris, France. This summit is called COP21, the 21st Conference of Parties. The purpose of this annual gathering, which started in 1995, is too continually asses the nations progress in dealing with climate change. This years summit is said […]