Restart Solar’s First Annual Picnic

Summer is upon us and in formality of welcoming this esteemed season we gathered the Restart Solar employees and families for a fun day in Garfield park to rid us of our SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), maybe a slight exaggeration for Los Angeles weather, either way summer succeeds all the other seasons no matter where you are.

We gathered on a sunny Friday afternoon with barbecue, burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and more! Every employee was drenched in Restart Solar gear, from hats and bags, to t-shirts, cups, sunglasses, and cozies.

The Kids were playing and the adults were too, as a 12 board Corn-hole competition was arranged with a two-hundred dollar cash prize. I had known about this prize earlier so naturally I took a Corn-horn board home the night before and practiced until I started hallucinating holes in different parts of my wood floor. My vigorous training did me no good as I lost within the first round, however game faces were on as consultants, administrative assistants, and project managers were head to head, whilst company hierarchy, employee titles and team work mentality went completely out the window. Two guys from our install team took home the grand prize in stride and the losers of course enjoyed a solid game. The day quickly rolled into the evening and the food was going fast.

Our project manager Rachael, and executive assistant Ana presented Kyle (Restart Solar’s president) with a thoughtful gift thanking him for the picnic, our upcoming employee dodger game and of course everything else.  A Dodger jersey reading his last name “Demarinis,” and the number 26 (a number which holds high sentimental value.)

It was a sweet moment ending a successful day and a bold reflection of how much we appreciate one another, from CEOs to assistants, to managers and installers. Restart Solar truly is a family run business, and we are all very thankful for each other, for our supportive families, friends, and customers. We are changing the way the way the world thinks about energy and most importantly we’re doing it together.