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The Solar Story

In the last two centuries, we started using Sun’s energy directly to make electricity. Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric current when exposed to light.

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The Restart Story

Everybody that can have Solar should have Solar and our goal is to help make that happen by doing things the right way. We now have a choice- continue to pay more for dirty energy or decide to pay less for clean and 100% renewable energy.

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Your Story

If there was no YOU there would be no US. At Restart Solar we want to help you write your story. Making the switch to solar may sound like a difficult one, but it just may be the easiest/best decision you’ll make for a many reasons.

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Solar Panels North Hollywood

In this new century, Solar Panels for your home are becoming more and more of a common sight on rooftops all over the North Hollywood, CA area as well as the rest of Southern California. Now that technology has proven itself reliable and the cost effectiveness is up to an affordable range for average homeowners, solar power generation is stepping up to be the number one source of electricity in the coming decades. The solar panel installation industry is growing exponentially and projections indicate that advanced production techniques will continue to drive down prices, making solar more affordable as it becomes more efficient.

Restart Solar is your North Hollywood, CA source for the most efficient solar panel system currently available to the consumer and industrial markets. Restart solar will provide you with a full evaluation of your proposed site and your power requirements. We are experts in designing the perfect Solar Power setup that will meet your power generation needs as well as space limitations and the constraints of your budget. If you decide that solar is right for your home or business, many specific details must be determined such as which system will fit into your budget etc. Our installation experts will walk you through all of the details and determine your needs with you.

A typical Restart Solar consultation visit begins with the complete survey of your proposed installation site. Our designers will use this information to design your installation to custom fit your area and the amount of power you require to be generated.

If you live in North Hollywood, CA and are unsure about your ability to afford solar, let restart help you. Restart Solar can connect you with one or more of the multiple federal tax incentives and Southern California Edison rebates that are currently being offered to new solar customers. Doing the right thing for the environment and for your bank account is not so difficult with Restart solar.

There are a growing number of solar panel installation firms out there in the North Hollywood, Ca market, but when you look into the details, you will find that Restart Solar is the biggest and the best. Except no substitutions, Call Restart Solar Today.

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