Together Lets Continue Writing History

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The Solar Story

In the last two centuries, we started using Sun’s energy directly to make electricity. Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric current when exposed to light.

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The Restart Story

Everybody that can have Solar should have Solar and our goal is to help make that happen by doing things the right way. We now have a choice- continue to pay more for dirty energy or decide to pay less for clean and 100% renewable energy.

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Your Story

If there was no YOU there would be no US. At Restart Solar we want to help you write your story. Making the switch to solar may sound like a difficult one, but it just may be the easiest/best decision you’ll make for a many reasons.

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Solar Panels Moorpark

With the advancement of distribution of information through the internet, many people are learning just how solar panels can make such a difference. Saving money, while protecting our Earth for generations to come are a couple positives to switching over to solar energy. People are taking advantage of this awesome technology in Moorpark and throughout all of Southern California. Restart Solar has proudly served the Moorpark, CA and surrounding areas for 15 years.

At Restart Solar we are there for you every step of the way to guide you through the phases of adding solar to your home. From data collection to installation and activation, helpful and friendly Restart Solar engineers and technicians will be there every step of the way. Our accredited solar experts and engineers are ready for any job, large or small. Restart Solar energy systems is a one stop shop for each part of the solar installation process. We pride ourselves in knowing that our solar panels are the longest lasting and highest quality in the industry.

When it’s time for your solar panel installation, we will provide the necessary expertise required to ensure the highest quality products and service. Restart Solar only uses low maintenance panels so that all that is required for maintenance will be periodic inspection and occasional cleaning of the solar panels.  So together lets push the restart button on your local utility and change the way YOU think about energy!

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