A few weeks ago the adoption of solar energy in America had reached a new height of 1 million installations nationwide. This is an incredible milestone and is the product of American innovation and ingenuity. It is the result of consumers, policy leaders, advocates and an industry of over 200,000 workers who have all helped make the nation’s clean energy revolution a reality.  Although 1 million sounds like a big number it only represents the tip of the iceberg as far as residential solar installation is concerned. As we commend everyone involved on the good work we urge everyone involved to continue with the education, the inspiration, the motivation — all things necessary to really make a positive impact on the preservation of our planet. Please feel free to email info@restartsolar.com if you have any questions about how you can get involved, ideas on how to increase awareness on climate change and the state of our environment or anything at all. At Restart Solar we are more than just another solar installation company. We are here to help anyway we can…we just happen to be really good at installing solar. Anyways, check out the benefits of having 1 million solar installations below. It’s good.



Infographic courtesy of SEIA