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The Solar Story

In the last two centuries, we started using Sun’s energy directly to make electricity. Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric current when exposed to light.

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The Restart Story

Everybody that can have Solar should have Solar and our goal is to help make that happen by doing things the right way. We now have a choice- continue to pay more for dirty energy or decide to pay less for clean and 100% renewable energy.

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Your Story

If there was no YOU there would be no US. At Restart Solar we want to help you write your story. Making the switch to solar may sound like a difficult one, but it just may be the easiest/best decision you’ll make for a many reasons.

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Solar Panels Los Feliz

With Restart solar, you can get one step closer to a cleaner, better world. Avoid the many pitfalls of solar panel installation by having Restart Solar do the work for you. Our experienced system designers and installation technicians handle all of the technical details so that you don’t have to. 

Over the last 50 years, Solar technology has come into its own as an economical and clean alternative to the environmentally destructive methods of generating power that we currently implement such as coal and nuclear power. Coal from the Earth undergoes combustion and at once, the energy released dissipates, never to be utilized again. Solar cells, constructed from minerals mined out of the earth such as silicon, repeatedly generate power as long as the sun is out, all day every day. This renewable energy form is vastly superior to traditional methods not only because of its renewability, but also in the environmental impact that the technology has on the planet. Start your transition from expensive, wasteful and dangerous sources of power to an unlimited, safe and clean source of power with a Restart Solar solar power generation system.

Our installations are always done correctly the first time utilizing proprietary mounting technology that is unique to the solar cell industry. The vast majority of installations done by Restart Solar are complete with one trip to the home or business. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled to get the installation process completed in a reasonable amount of time in order to minimize any hassle or inconvenience created by the process. At Restart Solar we are all about quick and efficient installation and utilization of our solar systems so that the benefits of solar power take effect for you as soon as possible.

Restart Solar has made it our number one job to help you make the jump to solar. Our sentiment is that we as a nation must move away from the destructive use of fossil fuels to a method of clean and renewable energy generation. Restart solar is committed to helping you find the right system for your home or business. Do the right thing and call Restart Solar today to do your part in helping eliminate environmental damage and increase efficiency in your home. The sooner you call Restart Solar in the Los Feliz, CA area, the sooner you will reap the monthly savings on your electricity bill and the awesome feeling that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

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