Flower Power

With a weakened neck, the head faces downward apathetic towards the night sky, resting with the best of us. Or maybe just waiting, because its motion never stops but rejuvenates, for the energy and the light that’s been sealed so the stars can find their way and we can see a world much bigger than our own. Once the seal breaks and that golden warmth unfurls, heads begin to move, watching and waiting for the day’s debut. And as these youthful faces turn upward to greet the sun, they start to follow its path from East to West until it falls and their faces follow hanging down until a new day begins. You’d think this dance would be the most fascinating thing about it, but sunflowers are capable of so much more…

How can you give back to something that’s given you everything you’ve ever known. This concept’s been lost, maybe because the idea is on such a galactic scale it’s hard to even fathom.  But as the expression goes, “think globally, start locally” there are ways and that’s what today, Earth day, should remind us. We decided to celebrate this day by celebrating this flower, because underneath the deep soil this perennial plant functions as a renewable resource much like our powerful sun, perhaps the reason they are so inherently harmonious in this demonstration of natural pulchritude.

As the sunflower grows upward decorating the landscape with its contrasting appearance, its root spreads downward and can reach up to 3 feet deep into the soil ground. This arterial like taproot will then ingests the toxins (mostly produced by human activities) our Earth is plagued by. This process the sunflower so dutifully aids in is called “phytoremediation.”   Phytoremediation, is a solar energy driven detoxifying technique that cleanses our soil and can work in place of other methods such as soil excavation and “pump and dumping” polluted groundwater. These methods, we find ourselves using, are just a quick fix for a small area, often creating infertile soil in the areas surrounding.

As the sun creates renewable energy, the sunflower creates renewable soil and when they dance together from day to night they smile at one and other in solace knowing that the solutions we work so hard to create are often just given to us.

How can we give back to the reason for our existence? We can use what we already have and integrate ourselves into this world where ecosystems intertwine, animals intermix, and people co-exist, becoming a team player in a game that’s older than all of us.  Let us start by planting a Sunflower seed and let our planet do what it does best, create a beautiful functional world for us all to enjoy. Happy Earth Day from Restart Solar.