#DearGovernorBrown Recap

Last week Restart Solar hosted a screening of the eye-opening film, Dear Governor Brown. The night was a success with 80 screenings of the film taking place and more than 600 people participating. Over 25 people were in attendance at our screening alone, all of whom were passionate and interested in learning about how we as Californians can put a stop to fracking in our state. After the screening, we had a video conference with the executive producer, Mark Ruffalo, who gave us very helpful insight on why the film chose to target Governor Brown in the campaign, and shared ideas and past experiences about how to make this campaign a success. Mark even answered one of our questions regarding what a local solar company like Restart can do to help the issue at hand. We are excited to continue this journey and help put an end to fracking in California.

There are a lot of solar power companies in business these days, and we hope they are in the business for the right reasons. Obviously the purpose of a business is to make money and be successful—that’s why it’s a business and not a charity. But when you’re in the business of clean energy, it becomes something greater than profit. Success in our opinion is the betterment of our planet. We hope that is why our “competitors” are in business as well. Although other solar companies are considered “competitors”, this is one field where we should be united. Our collective voice has potential to reach the entire planet and those in power, but only if we all yell at the same time.

There were over 600 people involved in the screening and conference call last night, with most of the screenings taking place in people’s homes. Imagine how many more people would have participated if every California solar company hosted a screening of Dear Governor Brown. We urge these companies to get involved and speak up on these and other issues that affect their business. Solar IS and will continue to be a driving force for campaigns like Dear Governor Brown to succeed. It is a proven source for clean energy that everyone should take advantage of. It’s the best alternative to fossil fuels. It might seem to good to be true, but it’s not. It’s CLEAN. It’s CHEAP. And it’s EFFECTIVE. So we ask you now…what are you waiting for? The sooner we act, the better chance we’ll have to limit the inevitable catastrophes that happen because of practices like fracking and fossil fuel extraction.