Dear Governor Brown: Stop Fracking California!

If you’re concerned about the future of our state and its residents, join us this Thursday, March 3rd at a special screening of Dear Governor Brown. This eye-opening and provocative film, written and directed by Jon Bowermaster (Dear Governor Cuomo, SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories), shines a light on the unsafe and harmful methods the oil industry utilizes to extract fossil fuels, and the long-term and short-term effects. The film asks the question “Can a governor claim to be pro-environment and still allow his state to be ravaged by the oil industry?”

Following the screening, there will be a live video conference with executive producer Mark Ruffalo and a discussion about the steps we can take to stop our beautiful state from being destroyed by fracking.

To RSVP for the screening and event details, click here. Spread the word. Invite friends and family.

United We Are Strong!