CicLAvia, one of the largest open street events of its kind, has attracted over 1 million people throughout its 7-year life. This colorful event brings cyclist, skaters, roller-bladders, walkers, runners, and dancers to the streets, to embrace, enjoy, and engage with their community. Los Angeles is known to be a vehicle driven society, where cars dominant and pedestrians are far and few between. We see occasional cyclists and certainly acknowledge their bravery, while roller-bladders stick to boardwalks and skaters stick to skate parks. An event that brings us together creating a street safe environment that promotes alternative and environmentally friendly modes of transportation, is something Los Angeles has been due for, for quite some time. A reminder that inside these mobile multi-colored animal-looking pods, sits your neighbor, a family, a teenager, a school teacher, or a friend, not just someone trying to make a left turn at 4pm when the sign CLEARLY reads no left turns between 3pm and 7pm….just kidding…sort of. It’s a time when we can put the stress of student drivers and Dodge Challengers behind us and truly enjoy our community!

This year we were in luck to have this incredible event come to our streets during the “Glendale meets Atwater Village” CicLAvia. Local businesses along the route were able to open their doors and interact with the community, as they made their way to the different hubs.

We are firm believers at Restart Solar that music and art inspire change and paves a way to spread awareness that reaches everyone, in every walk of life. We incorporated art into this day, as we do with most of our days, facilitating a way for the community to create with us.

“Solar power is…,” an open-ended statement that truly makes you think what this necessary method of alternative energy means to you, and how it goes much further than panels on a roof and a tax break, what we initially think when we think of solar power. During this day we asked members of the community what solar power personally means to them. Every word or phrase that expressed their connection with clean energy was then incorporated into a live painting done by our very talented Creative Director and local artist Bobby Alderman, along with his equally talented partner and long-time friend Chris Wolford.

This collaborative painting created by the words and phrases of our community morphed, by the talent of the artists of course, into an image of a bicycle, reminding us of CicLAvia’s roots and giving thanks for bringing us together on this monumental day.  We were so happy to donate the finished product to the people of CicLAvia not only as a thank you from Restart Solar, but a thank you from the entire community for opening the streets to us to actively enjoy each other and our neighborhood. Imagine, 7 hours without hearing one car honk. Thank you CicLAvia!

Fun Fact:  CicLAvia improves air quality by reducing ultrafine particles in the air by over 20 percent.

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